Who we are

The Trafford Partnership enables collaboration between people who live and work in Trafford to deliver positive change across the borough. Our partners include residents, community groups, the voluntary sector, public services and private businesses. We are passionate about delivering the best quality of life for residents, and committed to achieving these by working together to effectively use our resources and assets.

Trafford Partnership Principles

The Trafford Partnership is committed to:

  • A new relationship between public services and citizens, communities and businesses that enables shared decision making, democratic accountability and voice, genuine co-production and joint delivery of services. Do with, not to.
  • An asset based approach that recognises and builds on the strengths of individuals, families and our communities.
  • Changing behaviour in our public services and local communities that builds independence and supports residents to be in control
  • A place based approach that redefines services and places individuals, families, communities at the heart 
  • A stronger prioritisation of wellbeing, prevention and early intervention
  • An evidence led understanding of risk and impact to ensure the right intervention at the right time
  • An approach that supports the development of new investment and resourcing models, enabling collaboration with a wide range of organisations

Trafford Together

Trafford Together is an approach to working with people in places across Trafford, in a specific geographic area or with a special interest group. Trafford Together is what we all do and the way we do it, to make a difference to people’s lives and meet the borough priorities.

Working ‘The Trafford Together’ way

By working together as Partners, in a Place, with People, focusing on Prevention, we can achieve things we cannot do alone and make sure that we keep improving our services.  We do this by:

  • Involving, respecting and empowering people
  • Putting people and places before process
  • Being positive and proactive
  • Sharing skills, knowledge, information and resources
  • Committing to shared goals
  • Delivering in collaboration with others
  • Providing constructive challenge and support

How we work

  • Together as Partners - co-ordinating across all services and organisations  so we can think bigger and do better with our combined resources to improve outcomes for residents
  • In a Place - across our 4 neighbourhoods (North – Old Trafford, Stretford and Trafford Park; Central - Sale and Ashton-upon-Mersey; South – Altrincham, Bowdon, Hale and Timperley; West – Carrington, Partington and Urmston). Bringing people who live and work in an area together, to build stronger communities within and across our neighbourhoods and our special interest groups
  • With People - putting residents at the heart of what we do, working on what matters to them, building on their strengths and networks to enable them to make the right choices to live as well as they can
  • Focusing on Prevention - commitment to taking action early and making every contact count is the right thing for us all to do. People should only have to tell their story once to get the right advice and support at the right time

Our butterfly model helps to visualise Trafford Together.

To keep improving we will make the most of technology and use data and information to make decisions. We continue to learn and develop our workforce and make the best use of all our assets.